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Nov 25, 2000
Mr. Winkle!



"What is Mr. Winkle" is a series of photographs celebrating the many faces of the insanely cute Mr. Winkle, each image a hilarious and adorable interpretation of what this chameleonic little canine could be. . . A wind up toy? . . . A hamster with a perm? . . . An ancient demon?

The project was inspired by the incredibly funny reactions to Mr. Winkle every time Regan took him in public. "It's an alien!" screamed the cable repair man. "It's a cat in a dog suit," surmised an out-of-work actor. "It's the reincarnation of the divinity!" enthused a woodworking poet. Kids of all ages are especially mesmerized by Mr. Winkle, most believing he is a stuffed animal come to life or an embodiment of their favorite pop culture character - Pokeman, Ewok, Japanese cartoon character - Mr. Winkle resembles them all.

"After a year of Winklemania," says Regan, "I knew I had to do something to share Mr. Winkle with the world. His cuteness is almost too overwhelming for one person to take!"

Already a cult celebrity in his California neighborhood where he takes his daily walks, Mr. Winkle is eager to expand his exposure, especially if it will bring joy to children. His goal is to do all he can to make ALL THINGS WINKLE a success, so that generous portions of proceeds can be used to help animals and children in need.


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