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Pint-Sized Pooch Mobbed At Book Signing

Mr. Winkle Takes Time Out To Appear On NBC 7/39

POSTED: 11:55 a.m. PDT June 20, 2003
UPDATED: 12:15 p.m. PDT June 20, 2003

Hundreds of eager fans mobbed canine celebrity Mr. Winkle at a book signing in San Diego.

Mr. WinkleSlideshow: Mr. Winkle At NBC 7/39

The tiny dog is in San Diego to promote his new book, "A Winkle in Time." Thursday evening, Winkle and his owner, photographer Laura Jo Regan appeared at a local Barnes & Noble store. The place was packed, Regan told NBC 7/39 anchor Marianne Kushi.



Winkle and Regan took time out from their national book tour Friday to appear on NBC 7/39 "News in the Morning."

"A Winkle in Time" is Winkle's third book. Regan does most of the talking at the book signings, but Winkle does his part.

"He puts his paw print in the book," Regan explained "And people love to have pictures of him There are Winkles on refrigerators across the land."

Regan carries Winkle around in her purse. She says he's "about the size of a Cornish game hen -- a little bit smaller than an average cat. He weighs about 5 pounds -- about 5.2 after a meal."

Winkle's tongue always hangs out of his mouth.

"It's too big for his mouth or his mouth is too small. It's not uncommon in small dogs. He considers it his most glamorous feature," Regan said.

Regan said Winkle is a mutt. She isn't sure of his antecedents, but she thinks he has some Pomeranian in him. He was a stray. She found him near some railroad tracks in Bakersfield.

"I did a photographic shoot and found him late at night. He had multiple infections. He was limping," Regan remembered. "He hobbled into my arms. He was very mystical. We've been inseparable ever since."

Regan said she quickly realized Winkle's potential as a photographic subject.

"He's like pipe cleaner. You put him in a pose and he holds it. He's a super model," she said.

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