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The Mystery of Mr. Winkle
By Dave Roos
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mrwinkleYes, Mr. Winkle is real. Some call the precocious pup the "Cutest Dog in the Universe," while other, more suspicious types, call him a Hell-spawn, demon beast from the nether-region of Satan's fiery kingdom. It's a tough call.

The facts are as follows: Mr. Winkle is an actual living, breathing, full-grown dog owned by professional photographer and pet lover, Lara Jo Regan. Mr. Winkle is not an actor. His tongue perpetually dangles from his mouth because "it's either too big for his mouth, or perhaps his mouth is too small for his tongue." His breed is unknown, for he was a rescued stray. His mission: to help animals and children in need through a portion of the proceeds from his Mr. Winkle posters and calendars.


Mr. Winkle first gained online fame when a short film of the eerily cute dog was circulated as a popular email forward. A truncated trailer to the original film can be downloaded from the site for free, but the full eight minute version is available for a modest price. C'mon, think of the children.

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