We've all waited a long time to find out who won the heart of Mr. Winkle and passed muster with his impeccable standards!

Troy B. won that distinction with her adorable Mr. Winkle delivery Man costume! Her overall concept was a perfect compliment to Mr. Winkle's mission:

" I see Mr. Winkle dressed as "The Delivery Guy." Dressed in his kicky yet practical suit, Mr. Winkle is able to make his rounds in an efficient and timely manner, while effectively maintaining his adorable image as the messenger of good will."

Congratulations to Troy for capturing the spirit of Mr. Winkle! we hope that she will put her $500 winnings to good use!

Runner-ups included the beautifully crafted China Doll costume and the spectacular Cowboy costume.

Hats off to everyone who submitted costumes, sketches, and creative concepts. Extra special thanks and love to the little soulful creature that inspires so many, Mr. Winkle himself!