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Mr. Winkle Hotel-Motel Nudes

Photographic Works by Lara Jo Regan

January 14th – February 4th, 2006
Fridays and Saturdays 12 p.m.- 5 p.m.  Or by appointment

Icon Gallery
1617 Cosmo Street, #312
Los Angeles
, CA 90028
(323) 960-0781

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14th, 5-10 p.m.

    The Mr. Winkle Hotel-Motel Nudes, Lara Jo Regan’s latest photographic series of her prenaturally cute canine, was born out of downtime during years of Mr. Winkle book tours. The novelty and strangeness of her celebrity pooch languishing in low budget and luxury lodgings across the land in between mobbings by his adoring public was something that Regan couldn’t resist capturing. The project, however, fast took on unexpected dimensions. “Observing the odd, otherworldly Mr. Winkle in these spaces somehow put the generic quality of hotels and motels and the amusing differences between them into even greater relief. The juxtaposition was both touching and hilarious. Depending on the room rate, it was like sighting an elf in a discount carpet store or a leprechaun at the opera.”

     The series represents a complete departure from Regan’s What is Mr. Winkle? photo series that transformed her rescued mutt into a cult icon through popular cards, calendars and books in which Mr. Winkle ( typically in costume and posed in whimsical studio sets) assumes a series of identities playing on his chameleonic looks.  For Regan, though, working on the Mr.Winkle Hotel-Motel Nudes was like coming home, as the work most closely resembles the look and feel of the interpretive documentary work on American culture she was best-known for before winklemania swept over her life. “I’ve always been drawn to the holiness and humor of the mundane in the American landscape, and having the opportunity to evoke this with my beloved muse Mr. Winkle as tour guide was a rich thrill.”

 Lara Jo Regan,  creator of the Mr. Winkle phenomenon,  has also been a longtime contributor to such publications as Time, Newsweek, Life and Premiere.  Her  projects have earned her many of her field’s top honors, including Pictures of the Year awards and The World Press Photos of the Year 2000.  With a background in anthropology and fine art, her photographs combine painterly aesthetics with social observation, a style she has applied to documenting everything for poverty-stricken Appalachians to the Hollywood elite.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the world and is part of many private collections. 

Icon Gallery is located in the Cosmo Loft structure in Hollywood, California. Founded in 2005 by Nancy Batlin and Amy Cox, Icon Gallery aims to exhibit both emerging and established artists, and to provide groundbreaking artists an unrestrained exhibition space in which to show their work in its purest form. 

For show information:   Icon Gallery  323.960.0781 


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