A real what?

Most experts agree he is a member of the canine clan... mixed with something mysterious, like a teddy bear or Japanese cartoon character. Still think Mr. Winkle is made of stuffing and phony fur? Check out his short film (CLICK HERE) and watch him prance, dance and socialize.

He's a puppy, isn't he?

NO! Mr. Winkle is a full-grown male - though it's obvious he's retained buckets of boyish charm.

What's with his tongue?

It's either too big for his mouth, or perhaps his mouth is too small for his tongue. Whatever the case, Mr. Winkle considers it his most glamorous feature.

Where did he come from?

Many fans and followers believe he was beamed here from another planet to study humanity, and that Mr. Winkle is actually a mini alien in a cheap doggie disguise! Although this theory has not been disproved, Mr. Winkle's official mission on earth is to help animals and children in need through a portion of proceeds from ALL THINGS WINKLE LLC.

What do YOU think Mr. Winkle is? 

Just when we think we've heard everything, someone comes up with a new one. "child of a cloud" is our latest favorite. What is your interpretation? Mr. Winkle loves hearing from his fans about his work.

And the most Frequently Asked Question:

What breed is Mr. Winkle?

Since Mr. Winkle is a rescued stray, his exact genetic makeup remains a mystery.  Because his official mission is to help animals, Mr. Winkle doesn't want to create more stray little doggies, so encourages you to NOT try breeding him at home.

Your comments are welcome.
Mr. Winkle will try his best to respond to everyone quickly, but he's a busy little fellow!



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