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"What is Mr. Winkle" is a series of photographs celebrating the many faces of the insanely cute Mr. Winkle, each image a hilarious and adorable interpretation of what this chameleonic little canine could be. . . A wind up toy? . . . A hamster with a perm? . . . An ancient demon? The "What is Mr. Winkle?" calendar and poster feature twelve images from the series, all shot by award-winning photographer Lara Jo Regan, who is also Mr. Winkle's guardian. 

The project was inspired by the incredibly funny reactions to Mr. Winkle every time Regan took him in public. "It's an alien!" screamed the cable repair man. "It's a cat in a dog suit," surmised an out-of-work actor. "It's the reincarnation of the divinity!" enthused a woodworking poet. Kids of all ages are especially mesmerized by Mr. Winkle, most believing he is a stuffed animal come to life or an embodiment of their favorite pop culture character - Pokeman, Ewok, Japanese cartoon character - Mr. Winkle resembles them all.

But Mr. Winkle IS real, which is what makes his series so unique! There really is no dog like him. . . if that's what he truly is (See Fun Facts). Wherever Mr. Winkle goes, crowds form around him in rapt disbelief, often lining up to take pictures. The "What is Mr. Winkle" series is a natural answer to the public's overwhelming and pervasive desire to to behold this otherworldly creature who mesmerizes everyone who crosses his path. "After a year of Winklemania," says Regan, "I knew I had to do something to share Mr. Winkle with the world. His cuteness is almost too overwhelming for one person to take!"

Already an international canine sensation, Mr. Winkle hopes to parlay his pooch power into becoming an animal ambassador of sorts, representing the importance of animal welfare for all the earth's creatures.


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